Hidden Treasures™ promotes, among other things, local crafts such as these beaded bowls

South Africa's Hidden Treasures™

Authentic artistic and cultural experiences

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Who doesn’t love the idea of an eye-opening, life-changing cultural adventure? Visitors to a new destination know when they’ve had that kind of an experience, because it leaves them changed, inspired and uplifted. They can’t wait to tell everyone back home about the great restaurant, B&B or local artist that they discovered.

Unearthing those trip-making experiences isn’t easy. Having the time, and knowing where to look, is a challenge that often yields unsatisfactory results. Tourists who travel with the aim of digging below the surface to really learn about the destination want to know their tourist dollar, euro, or pound is not only going to deliver an authentic, enriching experience for them, but that it’s genuinely good for the person, or business, where they’ll be spending.

That’s where Hidden Treasures, a local tourism product initiative developed by the Tourism Enterprise Partnership (TEP), a small business development agency focused on small and medium tourism businesses in South Africa, offers something truly unique and authentic.

Spread across South Africa’s nine provinces, TEP's collection of Hidden Treasures™ features genuinely top-notch, cutting edge, and unmistakably South African experiences and products that cultural adventurers can mix and match to create their ultimate art, food, or heritage itinerary.

How to get here

South Africa has domestic airports countrywide, and an extensive provincial road and rail network.

How to get around

Self-drive or an organised tour is recommended.

Tours to do

Three-day Hidden Treasures™ itineraries are available for KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, the Western Cape, and Mpumalanga provinces.

Who to contact

Hidden Treasures
Tel: +27 (0)11 880 3790
Web: www.sahiddentreasures.co.za

What will it cost

Craft prices range from under R100.00 to R5000.00 All-inclusive product and experience packages, range from R500.00 to R8500.00


Hidden Treasures™ accommodation options range from funky art hotels to home-stay B&Bs.

What to eat

Hidden Treasures™ restaurants focus on authentic local meals and dishes specific to a culture or region.

Best buys

Hidden Treasures™ range of exclusive crafts.

Lenght of Stay

Hidden Treasures™ experiences and products can be visited individually, or as part of a tour itinerary.

The range and diversity of the products and experiences available means tour combinations are literally, endless. In Cape Town, for example, shop for investment ceramics, sit down to an authentic African, or Cape Malay lunch, and sleep in a rooftop caravan or avant-garde art hotel. In Mpumalanga, visit grass-roots performing arts projects, treat yourself to one-of-a-kind wire art, sample lowveld-style fine dining, and end your day in a fusion of African songs and instruments.

Hidden Treasures™ offers visitors to South African encounters that are out of the ordinary. Key to the experiences are the people, the entrepreneurs, who have followed a dream, or pursued a talent often against incredible odds, to emerge as successful business owners with something unique and truly South African to share.

South Africa has a history of discovering some of the world’s most amazing diamonds. Why not unearth a few Hidden Treasures™ of your own.

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