In South Africa the skydiving community vies with the surfer dudes for the title of 'coolest in the country'. This high-adrenalin activity is offered in most parts of the country, but is probably most popular in Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town.

The long-time jumpmasters who have been to the major drop zones of the world and racked up thousands of skydives have a special way with the English language.

Glen Vermeulen, tandem master out at the Johannesburg Skydiving Club, says: 'I strap people onto me before exiting the plane, 'cause it gets really lonely in freefall at terminal velocity sometimes...'

Who to contact

Parachute Association of South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 553 3398



What will it cost

Packages usually range from R1200 to R2300.

Skydivers who haven't yet qualified, are required to do a tandem jump with a qualified diver.

And if the bug has bitten, then sign on for a freefall course with one of the many skydiving outfits, including the biggest, the Pretoria Skydiving Club.

These professional outfits, who consist of tandem masters, skydiving instructors, freefall videographers and parachute packers all work hard at giving you the best 'airtime' of your life.

If you are visiting KwaZulu-Natal, skydiving is offered at Skydive Durban, which is based in Eston, near Pietermaritzburg.

If you are visiting the Western Cape, Skydive Cape Town offers an excellent jump with views of Table Mountain and the Atlantic seaboard. 

The Parachute Association of South Africa is skydiving in South Africa's governing body, and they will guide to you all the 'boogies' and events that take place up in the sky and on the drop zones around the country.

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